We aim to provide you with the best possible environmentally sustainable options dependent on your house, location and demand.

This enables us to guarantee real savings on energy consumption, usage and financial savings for you the customer in the future.

Rain Water


Living in Australia we all know how precious water is. Canberra on average gets only 630mm of rain per year. Let's put that to good use and harness some of that liquid gold for irrigation, toilet flushing, dish washing, people washing and drinking!


Solar Hot Water



There is plenty of sun here - usually 246 days a year in fact. Using solar to heat your water can cut your gas/power bill dramatically. In fact, you probably won't need to boost the hot water systems at all in summer. We recommend using evacuated tube systems in Canberra due to the frost. Be the envy of your power sucking gas guzzling neighbours and put some tubes on your roof!


Grey Water



Re-using the grey water that has already had a purpose is a great way to recycle water and drop the amount of fresh water you need to use. Following the right guidelines it is very safe, makes for great irrigation and with a bit of treatment can even be used for toilet flushing and laundry washing. 




As  home owner's we know the excitement and possibilities of what you can do and retrofit in your house. We can help you make professional, savvy decisions for the next chapter in your home.


New Builds



With over 12 years experience in the construction industry and recognise that starting with a blank canvas can be daunting. Feel free to talk to us about solutions for what you would like to achieve with your next project.


Gas Fitting


Gas can be a very effective way to keep you cosy and heat your home during that long Canberra winter. If you are looking to upgrade your current gas heating or water system talk to us about some efficient options. It also makes a great boost back up for your solar hot water systems.